Turnover knives from EB Saws: the professional choice

Turnover knives for sale by EB Saws deliver quality blades, each precision made to our exacting standards of blade-production processes, and provide the perfect solution for profiling and machining woodwork projects on a moulder.

Turnover knives from EB Saws are manufactured using the very latest computer-guided bladesmithing machinery combined with our exacting standards in precision sharpening and the highest quality steels. Specially-manufactured for woodworking, high speed steel from trusted producers is precision hardened using cutting edge technology at our purpose-built Sheffield factory. Our turnover knives are then carefully sharpened and precision ground to the ideal angle for the job- depending on the client we sharpen blades to 40 degrees and depending on the needs of each client, 60 or 90 degrees for serrations. The entire process is digitally monitored to guarantee the highest standards are maintained down to the minutest detail. In addition, our experts inspect all our blades to ensure consistently outstanding quality in every delivery.

All our turnover knives are also available with tungsten carbide inserts. In addition we also provide tungsten carbide tipped knives for replacement tip tooling for woodworking projects. For more information on our range of turnover knives, or on any of our other products or services, speak to our team today.