Quick Overview

Our segmental circular saw bodies are made from high quality alloy steel, heat treated to give 1400 N/mm2 tensile strength.

The segments of our segmental saw blades are made from high speed steel and fitted with 4 rivets to the body. The segments are taper ground from kerf to plate and grooved by coolant slots, this is done on 8 TPS and above only on request.

The saw tooth form is the standard form with the rake angle and clearance angle depending on the material to be cut with the saw blade.

The teeth for our segmental saw blades are ground in the standard high, low, T/Chip form with a small bevel on the low tooth.

The gullet of the saw blade is well rounded to allow easy curling of the chips and the depth of the tooth is about 0.4 of the tooth pitch.

Circular saw blade sharpening is available to all our customers to dramatically increase the lifespan of your saw blades.