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Planer blades from EB Saws: the professional choice

Planer blades from EB Saws are perfect for achieving a high standard of finish when machining wood panels on a moulder or planer. Our planer blades are made from the highest quality steel, manufactured for the purpose and tested to ensure maximum reliability in all woodworking jobs. Our knives undergo a digitally-controlled hardening process from 58 to 63 HRC to ensure durability and a clean cut. After this they are precision ground by our team of experts using the latest technology. Our planer blades are then sharpened to a precise 40 degree angle. The serrations are ground to either a 60 degree angle or to 90 degrees if required.


We produce quality planer blades to the following specifications:

30mm x 3mm

35mm x 3mm

38mm x 3mm

35mm x 4mm

40mm x 4mm


TCT Planer Blades


These blades are also available with tungsten carbide inserts. We also supply TCT knives for replacement tip tooling for use on panel materials. For more information on any of our products or services please contact our team.

 Our TCT serrated back knives and planer blades are used for profiling and machining wooden boards and are made from top quality High Speed Steel, specifically designed for cutting hard and soft woods effectively. The knives are hardened from 58 to 63 HRC under computer-controlled conditions & then precision ground. The planer blades are sharpened to a 40 degree angle and the serrated back knives to a 45 degree angle. The serrations are ground to a 60 degree angle, 90 degrees is available on request. 

All our planer blades are made to the highest standards by our expert team, using the very latest equipment at our purpose-built Sheffield factory. We've provided the UK's top saw blade manufacturing & repair service for over five decades, with thousands of satisfied customers across the UK- so if you're in need of planer blades for your workshop, or require care & maintenance for your current blades, why not join them and discover why? 

If you would like any more information about our planer blades, saw blades, repair or other services, do get in touch with our team to learn more.