Spindle Tooling & Consumables from Ernest Bennett Ltd. 

We provide a comprehensive repair, servicing and sharpening facility for bandsaws, circular saws, drills and all forms of cutters and tooling including all spindle tooling blades.

From our purpose-built Sheffield workshop, our team sharpens, services and repairs a comprehensive range of cutting blades from all over the UK. Our unique saw blade sharpening service helps workshops around the country get the best possible value from their cutting equipment. By ensuring regular checkups but experienced industry professionals, along with sharpening, repair and refurbishment at the UK's leading saw blade repair facility, you can prolong a blade's working life and save costs & work for your firm. 

 We offer a fully customisable service tailored to the needs of each client. We use the very latest equipment from global industry leaders, as well as sourcing premium materials from UK producers, to achieve the highest standards of service for all our customers. 

 As a family business that's grown to serve Sheffield and the UK across generations, we're as proud of our heritage among the globally respected Sheffield bladesmithing industry as we are of our humble roots. By continuing to strive for the excellence that has transformed us, and led us from a local, to national, and finally to international marketplaces, we consistently exceed customer expectations and drive ourselves, and our clients, to achieve new successes. Our goal is always to provide value, quality and excellence

The spindle tooling blade range from EB Saws – the professional choice

Spindle tooling offers a versatile and efficient solution to woodworkers of all levels. In all cases precision is key to ensuring a better quality of finished product.

 The small spindle tooling blade brings a lot of potential to your workshop, and with our uncompromising approach to quality in materials, bladesmithing and aftercare, an Ernest Bennett spindle tooling blade provides long-lasting efficiency, unmatched precision and flawless results on every project.

In keeping with our commitment to quality, we offer all our spindle tooling blades with tungsten carbide tips (TCT) for the highest standards of durability and quality of finish.

Whatever the needs of your workshop, our team can deliver the ultimate in British-crafted blade technology. By exclusively using the very highest quality materials from trusted suppliers, our team of experts produce spindle tooling blades that are second to none. Whatever type of spindle tooling blade you need, EB Saws has been delivering unmatched quality and value for over six decades.

From our workshop to yours, spindle moulding blades from EB Saws deliver unrivaled quality, versatility and durability. 

Speak to our team today more information on our saw blade sharpening services, and our tooling & consumables range. 

Check out our saw blade sharpening service, an industry-leading saw blade restoration process that revolves around the needs of your company: fast and efficient collection, sharpening & delivery that keeps your workshop running smoothly.