Fast & professional saw blade sharpening services

Along with our wide range of Sheffield-manufactured saw blades, Ernest Bennett proudly offers clients our straight & circular saw blade sharpening service, which adds a new dimension to our services and helps achieve maximum ROI from every blade. By resharpening & revitalising blades before returning them swfitly to our customers we help extend the working life of a saw & deliver the maximum possible functional use from each blade: improving return on investment and reducing replacement costs. We achieve this by managing a nationwide collection network that connects us to our customers without requiring disruptive third party collection or courier processes. Our saw blade sharpening service also allows our expert team to keep an up to date 'state of health' record of each individual blade & recommend actions based on results from our state of the art diagnostic kit. 

Why use EB Saws' saw blade sharpening service? 

As well as being the UK's top saw blade manufacturer, we're an industry leader in the sharpening, care & maintenance of saw blades of all types, regularly processing blades from across the country to restore them to as-new condition using the the latest equipment. With decades of experience, a state of the art purpose-built factory and an expert team, we provide a comprehensive service dealing with all types of industrial blades. Our saw blade sharpening service keeps your production up & running with as-new blades, lowering costs and maximising efficiency without the outlay of constantly replacing blades. 

With our ability to digitally monitor every blade's progress as our team restores it to peak condition, we're trusted by companies of all kinds across the UK to restore their blades to peak condition and return them on time, to their factory ready to be reintroduced into the production line. 

Service & Repair

To complement our extensive range of products we also provide full re-sharpening & servicing of circular saws, bandsaws and other tooling. We operate a nationwide fleet of vans which collect from customers all over the country. On arriving at our purpose-built Sheffield factory the repairs are processed onto our integrated IT system before going to cleaning and inspection.

The comprehensive saw blade sharpening service 

Blades are checked for damage, and the tungsten carbide tips are replaced if necessary. They are then side ground and sharpened on Vollmer robot loaded machines, with a final inspection by our blade care experts prior to packing for dispatch.

Bandsaw sharpening & care:

On arrival, bandsaws are wire brushed and checked for cracks or other damage. They are then leveled and tensioned on Iseli and Vollmer automatic tensioning machines prior to being manually checked. They are then re-swaged or stellite tipped if required and sharpened on our CNC wet grinding machines.

Circular saw blade sharpening services from Ernest Bennett

We specialise in providing a high quality circular saw blade sharpening service designed for heavy-duty industrial saws. These blades come under heavy wear & tear during cutting and require expert attention & care to restore them to their original performance. As the UK's leading circular saw blade manufacturer we offer an eye for detail that's truly second to none. At our specialist saw blade workshop in Sheffield we use the latest digital technology, combined with over 50 years' experience in saw blade repair, sharpening and manufacture, to test and evaluate your circular saw blades for damage. We then repair & sharpen your blades to prolong their effective working life, or advise if they require replacement. 

Our other saw blade sharpening services 

Tooling, including PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) drills and profile cutters, turnover knives, planer blades, serrated irons, cutter blocks, router cutters, solid carbide spiral cutters and HSS sawblades are also serviced and repaired to our usual high standards and processed with a weekly turnaround.

We offer a weekly collection and delivery service for all our customers to ensure minimum impact on your business. 

If you'd like to learn more about our straight & circular saw blade sharpening service, contact our team today.