All Common UK Sizes Available on Request

Toothed Strip Saw Blades
Supplied in coils of 50m or 100m toothed only. Other lengths can be supplied to suit the customer's particular bandsaw length. This is of particular use to export customers with their own manufacturing facility
Toothed & Welded Bandsaws
Toothed to customers requirements, cut and welded to length, suitable for customers who normally carry out their own servicing on band saw blades.
Toothed, Welded & Tensioned Bandsaw Blades
As with toothed and welded, but with the bandsaw being tensioned prior to despatch
Ready for Use Saw Blades
Swaged, Set, and Sharpened ready to run on the bandsaw machine.
High Precision Ground Stellite (HPG) Bandsaws
Stellite tipped by plasma welding technology and ground on the latest CNC wet grinders. 'HPG' is our most popular format as people recognise the advantages of longer running times and smoother sawn finish.

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